Eel Specialty restaurant Honda Business Information

Business hours 11:00am – 7:00pm (Last order in 18:20pm)
Closed Thursday
※ Please allow at least 40 minutes for cooking after receiving your order. Please contact us in plenty of time.
Even during business hours, as soon as the reserved customer is fully booked, it will be closed (in preparation).

 We accept seat reservations. Please call us.
※ We may be closed on non-regular days as well.

Business hours change date

The day of Ushinohi , after 1:30 pm, we will only open for delivery and takeaway.

Please select your preferred date and time and click the [Send] button.

Please note that we may not be able to meet your request. Please be sure to check our reply.

※Please fill in the form in English as much as possible.
※We are closed on Thursdays.
※Please enable reception from “”.


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     (Please check the personal information protection policy at the bottom and contact us.)
    3日以上 返信が無い場合はお手数ですが、直接お電話なさってください。
     (If there is no reply for more than 3 days , please call us directly)

    Handling of Personal Information

    As an important responsibility of the company, we have established the following “Personal Information Protection Policy” based on the laws and regulations regarding personal information protection, and all of our executives and employees understand this “Personal Information Protection Policy” and are committed to continuous improvement to further protect personal information.

    1.Collecting, using and providing personal information We strongly recognize the importance of protecting personal information and collect, use, provide and deposit personal information only within the scope of our business purpose.

    2.Implementation of safety control measures for personal information In order to prevent illegal access to personal information and the loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, reasonable safety measures, corrective and preventive measures shall be taken.

    3.Compliance with laws and regulations and norms concerning personal information The Company shall comply with the laws and regulations concerning personal information as well as various guidelines and other norms based on these laws and regulations, and shall establish and comply with the personal information protection regulations and other compliance programs to ensure compliance with these laws and regulations.

    4.Implementation of continuous improvement of the compliance program To handle personal information accurately, use it appropriately, and protect it thoroughly, we will continuously review and improve our compliance program.

    Ltd. Honda Unagiten / representative: Masaharu Honda