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Founding 1904

As one of the few specialty Eel restaurants in Japan, we have been seeking only the true flavor of Eel.

We also purchase Live Japanese Eel,Rice, and Seasonings carefully selected from all over the country.

While retaining the taste and texture of eels as a traditional dish
『Steam the eel and make it fluffy』
『A secret sauce that retains the soy sauce taste and is less sweet』
Based on these techniques and flavors, we believe that you will be able to taste an incomparable Kabayaki.

While maintaining the inherited tradition of Honda to “to enhance the true taste of Eel”, we will always try to provide the best dish so that not only local Iiyama but also those who traveled far we will do it.


Special Dishes


First steam the eel. The eel’s fat is exquisitely exfoliated, and it becomes light. The skin and body are softened, and the finish is very tender.


Grilled at a stretch with high temperature Bincho charcoal. After grilling once, dip the sauce and take a breath.
This will allow the sauce to permeate the eel.
The second firing for a short time and strong heat. The feature of our shop is the grilling that attacks the last minute with craftsmanship.

Secret sauce

Add soy sauce, mirin, and umami (eel flavor) using the traditional method, and simmer for a long time.
We are proud of it. Our original sauce, with a strong flavor of soy sauce and less sweetness, brings out the original taste of the eel.


Thoughts on Eel

Our shop stocks carefully selected live eels, mainly in Nakamura Eel Farm in Miyazaki, a place that has been dedicated to eel farming for many years.

As soon as the eels arrive by air, it goes into the cage using our well water.

Tired from the long journey, the eels begin to swim briskly in the clean well water of Iiyama.


Commitment to Rice

Our shop directly purchases the illusionary “Kijimadaira Rice” from farmers. That is hard to find even in local Nagano.

Kijimadaira village is located in a heavy snowfall area in a fan-shaped village on the Chikuma River that flows out of a “primeval forest of beech trees more than 300 years old,” which is precious even in Japan.

The water is very delicious, and the rare natural conditions in Japan, where the sunshine in summer is long and the temperature difference between day and night is large, increase the grain-filling of rice and make it grow to be delicious.


Our specialty: pickles

The most important thing about eels is their delicious pickles.
The eldest daughter, I, inherited the taste from the previous generation from my mother, and sincerely pickled it.

Spring, summer

autumn and winter, nozawana, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, takuwan, etc. We hope you can feel the seasons with the change of pickles.